Out of the Box is the story of Leroy Smith, who was sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment, for the shooting of two police officers in Brixton in 1993. Out of the Box will take you on a tour of the gangster lands of London, New York and Kingston, Jamaica, before showing you inside the Box that is the British prison system today, where all previous pecking orders, criminal or political, have been superseded by the rule of the Deen, highly organised and disciplined Muslim convicts, who answer to neither gangster nor governor, but only to Allah. Out of the Box will also take you outside of these Boxes and provide you with some eye-opening analysis and insights into the activities of those who rule over us – politicians present and past, such as David Cameron, Michael Howard and London mayor Sadiq Khan.

‘Out of the Box is an excellent read, a brutally honest account of the making of a criminal, which pulls no punches, or makes excuses, just says it as it was. This is a fascinating and valid account of the cost to society when young, damaged lives are not repaired. It deserves to be very widely read. Now out of the box and free, Leroy Smith is setting out on a new and straighter path. I wish him every success. He has more than paid his dues.’

Eric Allison, Guardian prisons correspondent

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My London article

'I shot a policeman in the back - 20 years later we're friends'
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Leroy Smith and James Seymour returned to the place where the shooting happened 26 years ago.

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Public Speaking

In light of my world experiences and, not to mention, the 20 years I served in prison, I am in a unique position to relate to a lot of issues and to be a public speaker. The young relate to me beause of the seriousness of my past. I understand how to put words together in a way that people accept.

I have already given talks at City University London, numerous schools, colleges and youth centres. I am keen to do more talks in schools, youth centres and other public forums

Prices vary. A Q & A at the end of the talk is included.

Themes can vary, depending on what you personally require.

I look forward to hearing from you guys soon.

P.S. Never forget, the children need us. A role model is whoever is respected for whatever reasons and does the right thing. Not everything needs to be conventional.

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Churchdown School Academy

Dear Leroy, thank you for your sessions today.  There were positive comments from both students and stuff.  Your experience was very thought provoking.  Regards, Ms J Hilton, Deputy Headteacher


Gun No. 6

Director Q&A

Dir: James Newton
United Kingdom / 2017 / 75mins

This investigative documentary tracks the journey of Gun No. 6: Britain’s most wanted firearm. For over a decade during the early-2000s, when shootings in Britain were at their highest, Gun No. 6 changed hands to be used in 11 cases and 3 murders. The film tracks every shooting made by the gun using police reports, re-enactments and insight from those who witnessed or worked on the crimes.

With no-one who has fired the gun willing to speak, director James Newton brings together six former-perpetrators of gun crime to offer insight into the driving force behind violence in Britain today. Through the journey of Britain’s most deadly, illegal gun, this documentary begins to understand why violence and lethal weapons exist on the streets.

The opening night screening on Friday 12th October will be followed by a director Q&A. 

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Gun no 6

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